My Vandweller Anthem

While in Quartzsite last winter I found myself cruising up Highway 95 towards Parker for some much needed van repairs. It’s a pretty lonely highway in parts so I began to amuse myself by writing alternative lyrics to “King of the Road” (a song I learned to play on the piano as a kid and one of the last I was able to noodle out as the years wore on and I slowly lost all memory of my parents’ aborted attempt to tease out my non-existent musical talents). I finished the lyrics the next week or so while waiting for my clothes to wash and dry at a Laundromat in Q-Town. I was even able to perform the finished product to the perfect audience, thanks to a wacky weekly Karaoke group that meets in the middle of the La Posa North LTVA on BLM land surrounding Quartzsite–with mixed results (the lyrics were warmly received,  my off-key singing politely tolerated).

So, by popular demand (Charlene, you know who you are) here is my own particular version of the Vandweller Anthem:

Queen of the Road

Old beat up high-top van, like livin’ in a large tin can
No rent, no rules, no man, I ain’t tied to no plot of land
I’ve got cool forests for summer fun, wintrin’ in the desert sun
I’m an old gypsy soul with new goals
Queen of the Road

My friends think I’m insane, but for me their life is way too tame
If sometimes I sing the blue, small price for the life I choose
I’ve found all space is hallowed ground, if we will but look around
In our sacred search for the New Earth
Queens of the Road

I know every back road in five western states
If it’s a blue highway I don’t hesitate
I learn every strange history of each little town
I may get there slowly, but I get around in my

Gas guzzling high-top Ford, I’m sometimes scared but never bored
‘Cause I’ve finally cut the cord, unlike society’s consumer hoards
I’ve got a large feline to keep me sane, lovely Layla is her name
Not really wild, but not too tame
Queens of the Road

Old beat up high-top van, like livin’ in a large tin can
No rent, no rules, no man, I ain’t tied to no plot of land!







10 thoughts on “My Vandweller Anthem

  1. Excellent, excellent, excellent. I think Lois Middleton might have video of the Karaoke event… it would be great to post that so everyone could see what a great job you did. I could never do what you did. You are amazingly talented.

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