What We’re About

It all started when, sick in bed and suffering from an existential crisis in November of 2010, I decided to sell my house and buy a van. A baby boomer living my life “backwards” (I was an executive secretary at 19) I am still in the process of unfolding that original vision.

This is my forum for sharing my adventures on the road of life, both inward and outward. It will be liberally interlaced with philosophical musings, informative tidbits from the worlds of astrology and tarot, and anything else that strikes my fancy. I believe that the human species, and the Earth herself, are going through a profound transformation. We have one foot in the old and one foot in the new. It’s a very messy process. It is not clear where we are going or how we can possibly make it there from here. To tell the truth, I myself am mostly confused most of the time. But even in my darkest moments, the one saving grace is knowing we are all in this together. No one gets out on their own.

So, let’s remember to be kind to each other and to practice gratitude for the everyday graces. If these pages can help someone to smile (even if they are only laughing at me!) or feel less alone or act as a catalyst for a new understanding, my fondest wish will be fulfilled.

For more about who I am and my traveling companions see The Back Story